Jan 262016
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Well it seems the ball is starting rolling again.  Now that litigation is inching forward revelations are coming to light and hopefully this information will help all De Puy victims.

Sadly this news doesn’t surprise me and it will probably apply to all manufacturers, had they carried out proper research, before putting these evil implants into our bodies rather than just chasing the money!

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Jan 132015
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Whereas before the legal beagles were only interested in taking on cases of BHR cup sizes up to 42mm due to insufficient evidence (even though there were hundreds of us to the contary!) now Smith & Nephew have issued an urgent field notice to include cup sizes up to 48mm.

Therefore if you are one of these get in touch with the lawyers asap.  For those of you who know your cup size this is essential, for those who don’t know please contact the surgeons secretary as soon as possible, they have to give you this information whether you have had revision surgery or not.

I do wonder, as the peak of revision surgery was 2010-2014, if this is a strategic move by S&N lawyers now they are getting claims from patients with all sizes.  A touch of stable door?  What do you think?

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Irwin Mitchell have advised: The cases we are now able to take on and have the evidence to support a proper investigation are those with femoral components smaller than 48mm. Each case will require an initial review.

We have also now set up a dedicated Twitter account for defective products which will be highlighting all new and relevant information on metal on metal hip implants and of course developments with BHRs. The account is @IMProductDefect

Link to Field Safety Notice

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May 092014
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I have been struggling for years to get the attention of solicitors to take note that there are hundreds of us metal on metal hip implant victims suffering and not just Johnson & Johnson DePuy!

Now Irwin Mitchell are offering help, not to all of us, yet, but it’s a good start.  Below is the list of implants that they are looking into so if you have one of these get in touch as soon as possible and good luck!

  • Finsbury Adept Total Hip Replacements
  • Finsbury Adept Resurfacing Implants with femoral head components 46mm or smaller
  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing implants with femoral head components 42mm or smaller
  • Wright Medical Conserve Plus resurfacing

Addendum:  Having being diagnosed as being Vitamin B12 deficient, as have many of my readers, late January I had yet another bladder infection and saw a locum Dr who prescribed me Nitrofurantoin, an antibiotic that shouldn’t have been prescribed and a warning to all who have B12 deficiency!  This has led to me being completely numb from mid-thigh down on both legs, fingers numb (typing is arduous) and center of face is numb.  I now need carers on a daily basis etc.  What has stunned me is that Irwin Mitchell have declined representing me for a legal case of Medical Negligence whilst I am promoting them on my site!

I am taking the view in that if they can help anyone out there fine, but be cautious.

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Mar 112014
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Interestingly I have stumbled across that Smith & Nephew are looking for a Global Compensation & Benefits Specialist.  Do you think they are now getting scared that we are coming after them?  Or, more to the point, are they recognising that there is a need to fill this position?

Onwards and upwards, we have to keep up this fight for genuine, real and needed compensation.

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Jul 222013
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Further to the presentation given by Professor Tom Joyce and Dr Pauline McCormack where it was highlighted that, in some circumstances, retrieved implants are merely thrown away I asked Jeremy Latham exactly what surgeons had been advised.  He said that the advice from the British Orthopaedic Association and the MHRA was to send all MOM implants to an independent retrieval centre but that it is not compulsory.  Apparently only the London Implant Retrieval Centre has funding (luckily mine went there).

There is also confusion in that, I believe, European Directives state that the implants should be sent back to the manufacturers but I think that unless they admit even partial liability (as do car manufacturers and others) this would be wrong and potentially biased.

From a medical and science point of view it is understandable that they would like to see a national, or geographic area, retrieval centre in order for them to carry out analysis on all of them to determine what exactly went wrong and why as it is only by understanding failure mechanisms that can prevent similar problems in the future.

Naturally, for those of us who have already  suffered and are hoping for legal redress from the manufacturers if it has been discovered that their implants have simply been chucked then it would appear to reduce any chances of proving the implant was faulty.  Although the Health Secretary (in a letter seen by myself) states that ‘some have had problems’ but don’t quantify how many ‘some’ are!  We know that ‘some’ are many.

So please let me know, do you know where yours went or do you agree that this should be made compulsory that ALL implants should be sent to retrieval centres?  Also who do you think should fund this?




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Jul 012013
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I was contacted today (1st July 2013) by Mark Lampkin of  Lampkin & Co to answer my request as to whether they were still able to take on new clients for legal action against all metal on metal hip implant manufacturers.

I appreciate his honesty where they have been inundated by the amount of people wanting to make certifiable claims and that sadly, at the moment, they are no longer able to take on more cases purely down to the costs involved for themselves as they deal with clients on a ‘no win no fee’ basis as well as manpower.  Even though the rules to this changed at the beginning of April 2013 Lampkin & Co are taking a huge risk in following through the cases they have.

Mark has told me that they will be able to advise me if and when they would be able to take on new cases.  For those who didn’t act within the reasonable time I advised them I can only suggest to keep tuned.

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May 092013
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Wow, it’s all starting to heat up with legal actions now taking place in the UK.  Now it’s the Kiwi’s turn and, at least, this article which was sent in by Sandy, explains why cases are being heard over here.  These cases are for DePuy metal implants, let’s hope it’s not too long for DePuy and Smith & Nephew legal action here!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Patients get first win over hip maker

The New Zealand Herald

London claim over faulty replacements to proceed to trial after challenge withdrawn.

Some victims have made a successful recovery but others have been left with serious disabilities needing expensive care after losing their ability to work.

More than 100 New Zealanders suffering from faulty hip replacements have won the first battle in a lengthy court case in London.

DePuy, a subsidiary of medical giant Johnson & Johnson which manufactured ASR metal implants, yesterday withdrew a challenge to the New Zealand claim.

The group is claiming damages for personal injury and financial losses in an English court against DePuy – which manufactured the metal-on-metal implants in Leeds – because it is unable to sue in New Zealand due to the “no fault” ACC legislation.

Most patients have had surgery to replace the failed cobalt and chrome metal hip and a few have had multiple operations. Some victims have made a successful recovery but others have been left with serious disabilities needing expensive care after losing their ability to work.

At first, DePuy objected to the New Zealand claim on jurisdictional grounds and a group of four test cases were to test this issue in court.

However, the English High Court dismissed the jurisdictional challenge in respect and there can be no appeal because of DePuy’s decision to abandon its challenge prior to the hearing – after the claimants, including a group from South Africa, had produced their evidence.

The case can now proceed to trial.

Hugh Preston, QC, an English barrister who specialises in product liability and personal injury, said his New Zealand clients had consistently argued that they were entitled to bring their claim in England.

“The claimants will argue that the hip implants supplied to them were unsafe.”

John Miller, a Wellington lawyer acting for the group in New Zealand, said the abandoned challenge was a “significant step forward for these injured claimants”.

“Many of whom do not believe ACC and the New Zealand taxpayer should be responsible for subsidising what they see to be the responsibility of a multinational company.”

The ASR hip was recalled in August 2010 when the rate of failure after six years reached 12 per cent compared to the normal 4 per cent. The failure rate in Britain has since been reported to be 49 per cent and Mr Preston said some experts are predicting all will fail by 10 years.

In New Zealand, 507 patients received the hip.


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May 092013
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To demonstrate how metal hip implants have affected people globally we now have South Africans suing DePuy in the UK courts as they were unable, for some reason, to take proceedings over there.  There are over 170 claimants so far.  Apparently, Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, DePuy tried to stop these cases being heard over here but were rejected by the Courts.

Link to article



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Apr 032013
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Andrew Robathan MP who is a Defence Minister and former Special Forces solider is facing two revision surgeries after his DePuy resurfacing metal hip implants have left him with a tumour.  He had the bi-lateral resurfacing done in 2006.  Understandably he has the problems we have/are all suffering and is seeking legal advice.

I will attempt to contact him with a view to assisting us all in our attempts to be heard.  I have great sympathies with his suffering but, as a Minister in Government , he may well have more interest in bringing the entire problems with all metal on metal hip implants to a greater audience especially as he now knows what it’s like.


I wrote to Andrew Robathan, Minister of State for the Armed Forces who expressed interest in the problems he and others are having because of metal hip implants. Whilst his Government position means he can’t join any campaigns he wrote back immediately expressing interest and support. At least someone on the inside of Government knows about our problems, and at first hand, (sadly for him).

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Further coverage from BBC News

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