Metal Hip Problems

It is six sad months since Gayle died. Nobody has shown any interest in taking over this site so I am going to close it at the end of September 2016, unless I hear from someone.
It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Gayle Blancheflower, the driving force and owner of this web site, died peacefully last week. She will be greatly missed.
Should anyone want to take this site over, free, please contact Matthew on studio@c21web.co.uk

Metal on Metal (MoM) Implants are causing metal hip problems which can lead to very serious health issues. Some professionals within the medical profession are extremely concerned, yet there is no central hub of information or action in the UK available to:

  • The Patients
  • The Surgeons
  • Other Medical professionals
  • Researchers and Journalists

This site will:

  • Provide advice on metal hip problems,
  • Show recent research about metal hip problems,
  • Collect  information on Smith & Nephew total hip implants and resurfacing.

We aim to:

  • Discover who is suffering and how, (both pre and post revision surgery),
  • Help ongoing research and
  • Provide a pressure group to lobby for Patient’s interests.

Research into Metal Hip Problems

Current research does not focus on us, the patients, the very people whose lives have been damaged, sometimes severely. The medical and research professions seem to be concentrating elsewhere, which  may or may not help us in the future. However the damage to most of us has already been done and I for one, a fellow sufferer, am fed up with feeling like a guinea pig.

How you can help

You can help by sharing your experiences. Your information will be entirely private, anonymous and secure.

  • Please help us to help you by filling in the data form with what symptoms you have had both pre and post revision surgery (if this has now been carried out).
  • You don’t need to put your name in if you don’t want to we just want basic info but more importantly your symptoms, so we can see the bigger picture.
  • If you don’t want to do that yet please stay and browse, comment on articles and in discussions, point us all towards something you have found out. All your contributions will be valued.

Using the information

This information will be of great use  pressuring the manufacturers,  the Medical Health Regulatory Agency , Surgeons and anyone else involved with our medical hip procedures,  to provide real and honest information about what they are doing, and to:

  • Prevent other people having these implants put in them
  • Understand what symptoms the patients have or are still having with persistent suffering
  • Give us a strong voice to make our problems heard and acted on.

So please, post a comment, look at the research, add any research you have, fill in the form, or simply browse it’s entirely up to you.

Update 16th December 2015  Legal action is proceeding albeit slowly.  I have received hundreds of forms and have heard from many, many people and have, hopefully, provided advice to help where I could.  It’s shocking how many people have been affected by metal on metal hip implants which ‘common sense’ says it wouldn’t work, if only we were told and had a  choice of what was being put in our bodies!


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